Exclusively Texas!  We are a Regional Site focused only on the Lone Star State

It's YOUR Home - Manage it YOUR way

  • Do you feel like you are losing control of your vacation rental business?  
  • Are you tired of being bombarded with new "rental policies"  that the big sites are forcing on you?  
  • Are you tired of trying to defend the ever escalating fees they want to charge your guests?   
  • Has your page view traffic and inquiries dropped off  because of the mysterious "Best Match" policies?

Why List Your Vacation Property with TexEscapes?

  • TexEscapes is a traditional listing site that you can join to advertise your properties in Texas.  We also let YOU stay in control of the entire process as it pertains to your property.
  • We do not charge a booking fee or take a percentage of your rents.
  • The guest always has direct contact with you.
  • With optional online booking, taking a booking has never been easier.

We offer a FREE 6 month trial  - No Credit Card Needed - Upon request, we will even load your current listing and reviews for the past 12 months at no charge from VRBO and AirBNB!!

After the free trial period ends you can renew with an annual subscription and pay one set price for unlimited bookings. There are no additional fees or commissions charged on any bookings generated from the website.

  • The annual subscription fee is $99 per vacation rental listing.
  • Free trial is valid for up to 6 homes owned or managed by one entity
  • For those with more than 6 properties, please contact us.

Registration is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.


TexEscapes Offers You Easy-To-Use Listing and Reservation Tools and All Inclusive Pricing.

What you get with your TexEscapes Vacation Rentals listing :

  • Full dashboard to manage listing with a title, descriptions, reviews, photos & SEO options to attract travelers to your vacation rental
  • Direct Communication with Guests
  • Complete control of booking/payment/cancellation process
  • Optional Online Booking and Reservation Manager (Your choice whether to use it).
  • No penalty for not accepting a booking request
  • SMS/Text Alerts for inquiries or bookings so you can respond faster
  • Ability to display up to 24 photos and 1 video tour  *limit of 14 photos during free trial
  • iCal calendar sync with VRBO,AirBNB, Homeaway or other rental calendars
  • Personal website links
  • Property Reviews
  • Offer "Deals" at no additional charge
  • Featured on TexEscapes Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my property on TexEscapes Vacation  Rentals?

Listing on TexEscapes Vacation Rentals makes it easy to earn rental income. We are a Texas based company with experience in both marketing and property management. We can offer you what the big box sites cannot, personal attention and targeted marketing to travelers who frequent the The Lone Star State for their vacations.

Why Is A Regional Listing Site Better Than A National Listing Site?

National listing sites can be overwhelming and very competitive. A regional listing site that focuses on specific communities provides the guest with a larger selection of rentals to choose from in that particular region.  Advertising on a regional site makes the chances of a guest actually seeing your property much greater than if listed on a national site with hundreds of similar listings.

What do I get with my listing?

Every listing comes with everything you need to start renting your property and earning income, including room for 24 high-resolution photos, interactive map, and reservation calendar. So once you sign up, you can start to build your listing... and get bookings!

Can I control who rents my home?

Yes. You are always in charge of who rents your home. Every inquiry and booking request comes to you. You can talk to the traveler to find out more about them and make sure they're a good fit for your property. And, we do not penalize you for not accepting a booking. Sometimes the fit between renters and homeowners is just not right.

Do I have to use Online Booking?

No. This is an optional tool provided to you, should you want to use it. You are not required to use it and are not penalized if you don't.

What types of properties can I advertise?

Acceptable rental properties include houses, condos, and villas, as well as barns, boats, bungalows, cabins, cottages, estates, mansions, apartments and yachts. We do not list properties that are renting out rooms, or Bed & Breakfasts. After all, we are not AirBNB and nor do we want to be.

I Have Listed My Property, But I Need Help Writing The Content. Can You Write It For Me?

Yes! For an additional fee, we have a professional vacation rental writer who will write your content.