Avoiding the "BigSite" Booking/Service Fees

Do you have money to burn?  Most of us don't.  But most of the big vacation rental websites lie AirBNB, VRBO, Homeaway, Trip  Advisor etc. are treating you that way by charging you an additional "Booking/Service Fee" that can range from 5-15% on top of the actual rental charges!   That can really add up!    They have even been quoted as saying "travelers don't mind paying the fee". 

Example:  A vacation home that usually rents for $2000 for a week, will cost you $2300 on one of the larger sites for the same home and form the same owner!   I don't know about you, but I'd rather use that $300 to enjoy a nice meal, or a fun excursion on my vacation. 

Why the fees?

The sites are charging you the fee that they call a "Booking Fee or Service Fee" is for booking through their site.  The big site keeps ALL of the money-the homeowner gets none of it.  Understandably, it causes confusion as you may think the homeowner is charging this Fee and in reality, the homeowner has no control over it.

In some cases, you may not even be aware that you are being charged this Fee because the big sites have gone to great lengths to hide it from plain view or identify that it is their fee. So, if "travelers don't mind paying a service fee", why hide it or why not own up to it?

What Can the Traveler Do?

If you find a Texas vacation rental you like listed on one of the big sites, don't immediately book it. Instead, search this site, where you can book it without paying the Service Fee. If it is not listed on our site, contact the owner and tell them to list their rental here so you can book it without paying the Service Fee.

Our site does not hide the owner contact information from you.  Our site does not impose an additional booking/service fee to you for using our site.  Book direct from one of our homeowners and go enjoy that extra cash you can save.

We have nothing to hide....