Our Mission at TexEscapes

To Vacation Home Owners:

As fellow vacation homeowners ourselves, we know what you are going through! Changes are occurring daily in this industry and it seems that fees are getting bigger while the control you have over your home and decisions made about your guests when using the "big" sites is getting less and less.  You're being "forced" to accept their changes as "their way or the highway".  

The simple act of advertising a rental as it used to be has been lost as the greedy larger sites have attempted to take over the industry and your business. But one critical thing is being missed... we own the homes.

Our mission for TexEscapes is to have as many vacation rental properties in our great state listed here so it becomes the number one source for this part of the country.  We need to do this together as there is strength in numbers.   The more homes from our communities that list with us, the better it is for you and all of us. The guests want to have a selection to choose from.  There is so much opportunity to share among us in this great state, we need to stick together as an industry to keep our interest ahead of others that are trying to run it for us.


To our Guests that love Vacation Home Rentals instead of a hotel:

For the guest looking to find a vacation rental, we want to create a large selection of properties in the Lone Star State. We want you to consider us the "go to" resource to help you plan your escapes in and around Texas.  We want to provide you with useful information about each area you want to visit as well as a great selection of vacation homes to choose from for your vacation.  We also want to allow you to deal directly with actual verified owners, which will save you hundreds on fees, and in return, use those savings for FUN!



We need you to help us grow this mission!   We hope you will share in our mission and move away from the status quo of the big sites.  We love our home state and love connecting special people with special places to enjoy...together, let's enjoy the fun and show everyone the many special places our state has to offer travelers.